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Serving All of California

The IRS is the largest tax collection firm in the country. We put you on even footing with their army of tax auditors.


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We'll go line by line with the IRS auditors, making sure you are not left with unresolved items that can trip you up down the road.


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Your conversations with your Silver Tax Group attorney are protected by the attorney-client privilege. Unlike tax resolution companies, we will never testify against you in court.

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When people are faced with an IRS audit they begin asking questions:

  • Have I done something wrong?
  • Am I in trouble?
  • How can I protect myself?

If you are being audited, there is a distinct possibility that you will run into issues and potentially be penalized. You could even face criminal charges. And this is after the IRS has unleashed a living hell of paperwork requests and tight deadlines.

At Silver Tax Group, our lawyers can handle all of the paperwork and IRS interactions, so you can move on with your life. We are skilled at navigating the audit process and are often able to get the audit changed to a less stressful correspondence audit.

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Please note that we do NOT handle cases related to:

  • Child and dependent care credits
  • Tax controversies involving less than $5,000 in tax debt
  • Property tax issues
  • Suing the IRS, Accountants or CPAs
  • Non-tax-related collection agency issues
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