IRS Defense Services At Any Stage Of The Game

Wage garnishment.

Bank levees.

Seizure of your property.

Visits from IRS collection agents.

If you are in the cross hairs of the IRS, these threats are all too real for you. The good news is you can act quickly to protect yourself from the actions of the IRS and get your financial standing back on track.

Put Silver Tax Group On Your Side

Whether you call our firm at the first sign of trouble or you need us to help you after trying to go it alone, you can benefit from the representation of our tax defense attorneys. We know how the IRS operates and we know what it will take to protect your rights.

Our lawyers have extensive experience resolving emergency situations involving issues such as audit defense, criminal tax defense, tax-related identity theft and the seizure of assets.

24 Hours Is All We Need. Call 800-778-2741 Now.

In as little as 24 hours, we can stop the IRS from garnishing your wages, placing a levee on your bank account, or taking other damaging actions against you. We know that money may be tight right now, so we also offer payment plans and financing if needed.

Bottom line: If you are facing threats from the IRS, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your situation. Contact us anytime for a free case evaluation.