IRS Audit In Connecticut? We Can Help.

Beware When The IRS Comes Knocking - Especially The Second Time

If there is one thing those living in Connecticut know all too well, it's taxes. In fact, Connecticut has some of the highest taxes in the country - routinely ranking in the top 10 states with high taxes.

If you think that paying taxes is painful the first time around, however, just wait until the IRS comes back and says you are going to be audited. This is particularly true if it is going to conduct an in-person audit, known in IRS terminology as a "field audit."

Just How Bad Can An Audit Be? VERY BAD.

Regardless of whether you are being audited as an individual taxpayer or as a business owner, it is never good news to hear that the IRS is going to do a field audit. Indeed, while any audit can wreak havoc on your finances, field audits often result in taxpayers having to pay significantly larger amounts. Alarming statistics regarding field audits in 2016 include:

  • The average additional tax per corporate return was an astounding $761,033.
  • The average additional tax per individual return was $18,977.
  • Only 30 percent of corporate tax return field audits resulted in no change to the taxes of the business.
  • Only 8 percent of individual tax return field audits resulted in no change to the person's taxes.

Given these numbers, it is no wonder individuals and business owners alike typically dread having to deal with the IRS. After all, just a single audit can completely ruin your life or seriously impact your business's bottom line. Fortunately, help is available.

Is The IRS Threatening You? Silver Tax Group Can Help.

Simply put, the IRS knows what it is doing, which is why it is often a bad idea to take it on by yourself. Put an experienced tax lawyer on your side and call Silver Tax Group at 800-778-2741 today. You can also reach us online.

With Silver Tax Group, you will work with an attorney who knows what it takes to challenge the IRS and win. Since we are familiar with the tax nuances individuals and businesses in Connecticut face, we can thoroughly review your tax situation and help you succeed - or at least help minimize the damage caused by an IRS audit.