Tax Audits In Indiana Require IMMEDIATE Action

Is It Worth Fighting Your Tax Audit? You Decide:

Last year, American taxpayers voluntarily paid more than $3.3 trillion after complying with tax audit notices without questioning the IRS. This compares with just $50 billion to $60 billion paid after the IRS took legal action to force payments (according to the Wall Street Journal).

Believe it: With more than 82,000 agents, officers and other staff members allocated for IRS operations nationwide, it is impossible to hide from them. Wherever you are in Indiana, they will locate you to seek the money they claim you owe. Whether you are under investigation by the Indiana Department of Revenue or the federal IRS, you can trust us to work out a resolution that works for you.

Give Us 24 Hours And We'll Find Answers To Your Tax Problems

Backed by more than four decades of experience, the tax workout and litigation attorneys of Silver Tax Group help taxpaying individuals and business owners in Indiana resolve their most complex tax problems. We are your voice against the IRS and state tax authorities in Indiana. Our clients benefit from our experience and in-depth knowledge of strategies that work when dealing with tax authorities.

Our tax workout and litigation services include issues related to:

  • IRS audit defense
  • Tax court litigation defense
  • Employers' Indiana employment tax withholdings
  • Employers' federal tax withholdings
  • Asset liens and seizures
  • Currently not collectible status
  • Tax workouts, offers in compromise and installment agreements

With So Many To Handle, Mistakes Are Bound To Be Made

The Wall Street Journal reports that during peak tax return season, the IRS handles more than 450,000 tax returns an hour. More than 4 million are stopped for a "spot" review before a refund is issued and only 47 percent of taxpayers calling the IRS to question a decision will speak with a live person.

Put An Experienced Team Of Indiana Tax Litigation Lawyers On Your Side

The IRS has teams of experienced attorneys pursuing strategies to threaten taxpayers into voluntary compliance. You don't have to fight them alone. With Silver Tax Group on your side, you have a team dedicated to helping you avoid paying unnecessary taxes and the harsh penalties that can result from noncompliance. We answer the phone 24/7 because we know there are few things more worrisome than receiving a notice from the IRS. We will answer your questions and help you calm down. We will begin to work immediately to develop a strategy that will protect your rights and your financial interests.

You are not alone against the government. Call us at 800-778-2741 or contact us by email to arrange a free consultation.