The IRS Is Targeting Louisiana. Are You Prepared?

You've heard from an IRS field office in Lousiana - now what? Facing an audit or a legal problem over taxes owed is among the most stressful events you can go through. The IRS counts on taxpayer fear - to the tune of $3.3 trillion in voluntary compliance on audits and notices last year, in fact (according to the Wall Street Journal). But now that you've opened the envelope and read the audit letter, where do you turn for help?

In 24 Hours, We'll Start Putting Your Tax Problem Behind You

Think you can hide by just ignoring the audit notice? Think again. Congress has authorized the IRS to hire more than 82,000 agents, officers and other staff members. Louisiana simply isn't big enough to hide from them forever. Don't ignore your audit notification. Bring it to Silver Tax Group.

Call us now, 24/7, or contact us online. Our lawyers offer more than four decades of experience aggressively defending the rights and protecting the financial interests of taxpayers facing IRS or Louisiana tax problems.

Does The Government Really Understand The Tax Code?

With more than 10.1 million words in the federal tax code and 100 pages of instructions for Form 1040, it is safe to say that the agents down at the IRS or working for the Louisiana Department of Revenue don't understand the magnitude of the law. Is it worth fighting back after an audit? Our lawyers have helped thousands of hardworking taxpayers keep money that is rightfully theirs.

Our Services Focus On One Outcome - Ending Your Tax Problem

When people think of a tax problem, the first thing that comes to mind is an audit. But an audit is just the first tool the IRS uses to get people to pay more than they owe. Our team of tax attorneys has a successful record of helping our clients throughout Louisiana avoid unnecessary taxes, interest and penalties. We will start preparing your defense the day you call. That's why we say, "Give us 24 hours and we'll start putting your tax problem behind you."

There are many strategies to help put your tax problem behind you. Our services include:

  • Defending you in tax court litigation
  • Defending employers facing problems with Louisiana and federal employment tax withholding
  • Defending against asset seizures and liens
  • Moving your debt into currently not collectible status
  • Offers in compromise and tax workouts

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