The IRS In Maryland: Eight Field Offices And One Goal

It's not for your convenience that the IRS has multiple locations across Maryland. The IRS has a broad presence here because Maryland has so many profitable businesses and high net worth residents who get caught up in tax audits and tax litigation. Agents from each of the eight IRS offices in the state have one common goal when auditing these businesses or individuals - to collect as much unpaid tax as possible.

Have you attracted the attention of IRS auditors because of irregularities on your federal tax return or unfiled returns? Are you being investigated by the IRS for tax evasion or hounded because of tax debts? These are not problems that you can explain away or resolve on your own.

The tax law professionals of Silver Tax Group can intervene if you've been contacted by the IRS or want to proactively resolve a tax dispute. We represent individuals and corporate clients throughout Maryland, including:

  • Doctors, scientists and other high-earning professionals
  • Federal agency employees
  • Independent contractors and consultants
  • Small-business owners and self-employed individuals
  • Aerospace and defense contractors

You May Be Targeted Solely Because Of Your Income

Less than 1 percent of all U.S. taxpayers are audited in a given year. But high earners and certain types of business entities are more likely to trip the IRS warning bells. Maryland has the highest per capita income in the U.S., which corresponds to a higher percentage of Maryland residents subjected to in-person or mail audits.

The odds of being audited rise significantly at household income of $200,000 or more. Filing Schedule C or Schedule E losses is also a trigger, especially claiming business losses in consecutive years. Conversely, claiming zero income will also raise IRS eyebrows, especially for sole proprietors or members of a limited liability company (LLC), partnership or S corporation. We have had success defeating criminal charges, fighting tax levies and favorably settling tax obligations.

Please note: while many audits in Maryland involve those who work in the fields listed above or those with significant assets, the IRS can still come after anyone. Regardless of your income or assets, if the IRS sends you a notice or comes knocking on your door, you need help right now.

Tax Lawyers With Business Savvy

Every Maryland industry, from manufacturing and fisheries to medicine and cybersecurity, has unique tax and financial issues. Our attorneys can address depreciation and other write-offs, accounting discrepancies, questioned deductions, delinquent filings and anything else that draws scrutiny. We can help you respond to IRS investigators or prepare for an audit or represent you in negotiations or court proceedings.

Silver Tax Group will give you an honest assessment of where you stand and go to bat for you with proven strategies for minimizing the tax burden and any related fallout.