In Tennessee, The IRS Is Ready To Strike.

The IRS has six offices in Tennessee where individuals can get assistance with tax issues. Most of the services provided are informational or procedural in nature. But in those six IRS offices, dangers lurk for taxpayers.

IRS tax agents there are quietly and methodically reviewing tax returns for irregularities. They are identifying targets for tax audits. Tennessee IRS agents are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to extract additional tax revenue from businesses and individuals. If you have any kind of tax problem, then sooner or later, the IRS will catch up with you.

At Silver Tax Group, we solve tax problems for individuals and businesses throughout Tennessee. We fight for taxpayers and work tenaciously to minimize the taxes they must pay. The IRS is a team of dedicated professionals. You need a team on your side that is dedicated to protecting your rights and assets.

Who Is At Risk For Audits And Collection Actions?

Anyone can have tax problems. But these types of individuals and entities are often targets of IRS audits and collection actions in Tennessee:

  • Professionals such as doctors, dentists and lawyers
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Farmers

Silver Tax Group has extensive experience resolving all types of tax problems for these and other types of businesses and individuals.

Do You Have Tax Problems? Talk To Us, Not The IRS

Many people who are called in for an audit are tempted to go it alone. This is almost always a mistake, especially for a person or business with complex tax issues. IRS audit agents are savvy and thoroughly professional. When it comes to ledger books and financial records, they have seen just about everything there is to see. If there is a discrepancy in your records or some other problem, they will find it. The result could be a stiff penalty. If there is any indication of illegality, your case could even be referred to criminal tax investigators.

If you have past-due taxes, attempting to negotiate a settlement with the IRS on your own is also a bad idea. You could end up surrendering much more money in taxes, penalties and interest than you really have to. Let the experienced professionals at Silver Tax Group put their knowledge to work for you.

You Could Be In More Danger Than You Think

At Silver Tax Group, we have represented thousands of people and businesses facing tax audits. We have negotiated thousands of offers in compromise and installment agreements. Our law firm works diligently to minimize tax liabilities and whenever possible, we try to eliminate them altogether.