Don't Let Unfiled Tax Returns Follow You

Owing back taxes to the IRS is like spending your life pulling a heavy ball and chain. The best way to free yourself from this unnecessary burden is to arm yourself with the experience and resources of a proven tax attorney.

At Silver Tax Group, we can wrap up your issues so you can move on with your life. We bring more than 40 years of experience to these issues and have a tremendous track record of achieving the best possible outcomes for individuals, couples and businesses nationwide.

Do You Have Unfiled Returns?

One unfiled tax return can quickly spiral into a problem with you owing back taxes to the IRS. And the IRS will be in no mood to cut you any slack.

How can we help you? We can help you become current on your filings by filing reconsideration returns and pursuing a hardship resolution. What's better than having an actual tax attorney on your side who is trained to get your returns current? Nothing. We can prepare your taxes and handle any audits or disputes that arise. This is a crucial combination in making sure your issues are satisfactorily resolved.

We Can't Do Anything If You Don't Call

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